Petra Tučková believes that everyone can attract the best into their lives. To be happy, healthy, and to live fulfilling lives. Her life mission is to encourage and inspire her clients to change their lives, to heal emotionally, physically and mentally. She helps them to have faith in themselves, in their own healing capabilities and gifts.

Petra is a Czech psychologist, energy-based therapist, EFT practitioner, certified Feng Shui consultant and public speaker. She holds a Master´ s degree in psychology from the Palacky University in Olomouc. She has training and experience in EFT, reiki, family constellation, kinesiology, ethics therapy, psychosomatics, Ho´oponopono and angel therapy.

After years of experience, Petra intuitively combines all these healing techniques and has created her own way to help clients. With her unique approach, Petra has helped thousands of clients in different countries like Germany, Canada, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Poland, France, Great Britain, and Slovakia. Using her knowledge, intuitive gift and divine guidance, Petra is able to get down to the root cause of problems. She is an expert in inner child therapy and helps clients find connections between childhood experiences and their adult behavior. She is an advocate of self-forgiveness as a highly effective healing technique.

Inspired by her personal journey to heal herself and to attract the best into her life, she helps her clients to find their inner harmony through therapies and the harmony of their environment through Feng Shui.